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CYSEC research covers a broad spectrum, from foundations to applied solutions. This research page shows our extensive portfolio of research areas, topics, and projects, which can be explored in greater detail. Clicking on the button “Research areas” will display the ten major research areas of CYSEC. By clicking on an individual research area, you will find a list of topics and projects as well as the principal investigators involved. When you select either a topic or a project, a brief description will appear. The button “People” offers you a list of all our experts. By clicking on the name of a principal investigator, you will find his or her areas of expertise, research topics and projects all on a single page. The buttons “Topics” and “Projects” sort topics and projects by research area.

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CAST-Workshop:"Big Data Security"
--This information is only available in German--Der Vormarsch und Erfolg von Anwendungen und...

Dagstuhl Seminar: "Genomic Privacy"
Amongst others, CYSEC researcher Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser organizes this Dagstuhl seminar...

Informatik-Kolloqium: How to expose parallelism in sequential programs?
Speaker: Dr. Ali Jannesari Fachgebiet Parallele Programmierung, TU Darmstadt
Title:How to expose parallelism in sequential programs?Speaker:Dr. Ali JannesariFachgebiet...

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